International Women's Day!

Posted 3 months ago in People and Nations.

Happy W-Day to all beautiful Simmers!

Like every year, it's time to grab the mimosas and celebrate the International Women's Day. March 8th is not just an occasion to remember the beauty, the sensibility, the sweetness and the courage of the female universe. It is also and above all an opportunity to pay tribute to those women who in the world are still victims of discrimination and violence. Whether they are mothers, grandmothers, wives, daughters, sisters or girlfriends, what matters is to honor this day by choosing, as well as flowers, even phrases and words just for special wishes.

On the occasion we want to invite you to commemorate your Sims with the hashtag #womenday

All those who post a photo or even a message of good wishes will be rewarded with 10 Simoleons who can spend in our advertising system to sponsor their creations (CC, etc ..) or social profiles (Instagram, Tumblr, FB Page).


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