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Simsface is a small community born of the love of The Sims. Created by the idea of two Italian guys, the idea is to tell the stories of their Sim through a dedicated portal exclusively to them: Simsface.

Officially launched in 2016 only in Italian with a mediocre success. In August 2017, the site is officially launched worldwide with over seven languages available.

Simsface is not developed by a company, it has no employees. All this is made up of a team of volunteers who help to improve any part of it. Simsface does not earn, has no advertising but receives donations from the purchase of Sim VIP subscriptions that are invested in improving the server.

Simsface, though functional only for a narrow target, has all the functions of a common Social Network, and with it the proper files. Currently, the files that make up the Simsface heart are over 16k for a total of over 600mb.

(Server statistics)

All user data is recorded in simsbeta_data, the official database currently weighing 74.05mb.

(Screenshot from the server)

We mainly get visits from the United States, Brazil, Australia, England and Italy, with a total of over 5.000 posts & 14.148 likes.

We keep anti-virus checks every week to protect our users and pay monthly a site security service from DoS and Hacker attacks: Cloudflare.


(Inside the Simsface database).

And it's just for the passion of a video game that unites us and shapes into one community.

Thanks Sims to support Simsface every day!

With <3, From Us!

- Your Simsface Team