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Many years ago.. (me and my father)

Sono una tipa nostalgica.

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Ultimamente un mio amico pel di carota è geloso delle mie nuove amicizie.
Allora beccatevi la nostra prima foto insieme, giusto per fargli capire che gli voglio bene anche se puzza e non ci vede bene Hyakinthos McCormick

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((Sorry for my bad english))
Following the idea of Catarina Navarro i take part in this challenge.
1. My name is Robin, in Italian means "pettirosso" (ain't it fun?) But my surname means "pietra", it's a bit more fun.
2. My favorite color is purple (you don t say?!)
3. My natural hair color is black
4. My favorite food is Pizza
5. Sometimes I think I'm drinking too much alcohol
6. I only had two boyfriends throughout my life (one of them is Derek, my current boyfriend)
7. Almost all my friends are older than me
8. Art is my passion
9. I live with my sister, her wife and their baby girl
10. I love making friends(so, contact me) lol

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