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Thanks Catarina Navarro for let me be part in this challenge so,look down below and you're gonna find out a little bit about myself
1.My name's Michela(yeah a typical italian name)
2.I'm 24 years old and I'm coming from Oasis Spring(I've always hated being there in fact as soon as I could I've moved away)
2.I'm the kind of person that want to do a lot of things,my daughter's birth doesn't make my deal easy,but I keep trying
3.I love draw,humming,travel and lastly my husband(I'm joking)
4.Nicole,my baby girl
5.I'm studying to become a fashionstylist
6.Make-up Lover
7.Trust only on myself
8.Cookies addicted
9.Good friend
10. Myself.

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Giorno indimenticabile

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  • 1993/01/29
  • Studying at Academy of Fashion Design

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