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No, she's not my daughter, she's only my little sister Abigail (but not the youngest ahah)

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Yeah, I like so much this kind of trash stuff so here we go:
1- I'm the only male in my family (except for my father) and I've four sisters
2- I'm left-handed
3- I smoke
4- My favourite music genre is black/death metal and Slayer are my favourite band
5- My parents broke up when I'm 10, and when I'm 11 my father married again
6- I love peacocks (THE BIRD) and I've some pictures of them in my room
7- When I was a kid my older sisters forced me to play Barbie with their. Ew.
8- I've gap teeth
9- Sounds strange, but I like to study and I've excellent marks
10- I really love guacamole

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